Super Why Style and Pose Princess Presto Doll


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Storybrook Village wouldn't be the same without Princess Presto! This Super Why Style and Pose Princess Presto Doll is wearing her signature pink gown with the star symbol sewn on the front. She waves her wand to summon a new book from the bookshelf so that the Super Readers can embark on a spelling adventure.
This Super Why Style and Pose Princess Presto Doll is based on the animated show by Angela C. Santomero and Samantha Freeman Alpert. Whyatt uses his Super Duper Computer to find a new storyline! Princess Pea can use her adorable magic spells to conjure up new books. When she changes into her superhero form, Princess Presto is the charming result! Bedecked in a flowing pink gown and waving her magic wand, Princess Presto is ready for a spelling adventure. This fully poseable action figure doll brings the children's stories to life. Children can pretend that the Super Readers are getting ready to solve a new puzzle and Princess Presto is part of the action!
  • Detachable princess dress
  • Magic spelling wand
  • Crown
  • Princess cape
  • Brush
  • Ages: 3+ years

Item #: SUW-1040-LC51202

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