Transformers Voyager Autobot Ratchet

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Awesome and highly detailed robot-to-vehicle figure converts from robot with AUTOMORPH* forearm claw accessory and hidden "axe" to Hummer® H2® vehicle mode - and back again! Roof rack converts to shield accessory or combat stretcher accessory!
AUTOBOT RATCHET has been part of some of the most brutal, destructive battles the galaxy has ever seen, but he has never faced anything like PAYLOAD®*. He can feel the power of the charging DECEPTICON®* rumbling through the ground. He just hopes that he is enough to stop the rampaging DECEPTICON courier. Roll out for some serious robot action! This heroic warrior features an AUTOMORPH forearm claw accessory and a hidden "axe" to give his opponents twice the trouble. When it's time for combat, convert him into Hummer H2 vehicle mode so he can convert the roof rack into a shield accessory and then - after the battle - into a combat stretcher accessory!

Item #: TRA-1010-98457-98460

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