Tonka Tread Shifters Swamp Shocker 6-A Vehicle

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No matter how you configure your vehicle, you'll be the king of the road with this Tonka Tread Shifters Swamp Shocker 6-A Vehicle!
There are places deep in the Florida Everglades that can only be reached by airboat – until now. The trackless swamp with its sucking mud and choking reeds can't stop the Swamp Shocker. Even the alligators know not to mess with this bad machine! When you can't tell what kind of road conditions you're going to face, you need a vehicle that can handle them all! This die-cast Swamp Shocker vehicle's body can be customized and converted to handle the toughest on or off-road terrain conditions. Choose from more than 20 wheel positions and decide if your drive is going to require the four off-road treads. Adjust your axles to just the right position and put the roll cage accessory on or take it off.
  • Die-cast vehicle
  • More than 20 wheel positions
  • Axles are adjustable
  • Ages: 4+ years

Item #: TON-1070-18495-19917

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