Star Wars Mega Battlers Anakin Skywalker

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Detailed figure lights up and plays sounds and phrases to really get you into the "intergalactic" action! Extend the "blade" for lights and sounds; press buttons for sounds and phrases! Includes 3 "AAA" batteries. Ages 4 and up.
What does "out-of-this-world" excitement sound like? Like phrases and sounds from your favorite Star Wars character! This detailed Anakin Skywalker figure already looks cool, but he also holds a surprise - when you extend his "blade" he lights up and plays sounds! Get even deeper into the battle action by pressing the button to hear sounds and character phrases. His enemies are sure to cower when they really hear this fighter "talk"! Take advantage of their fear and lead this figure into victory.

Item #: STA-1010-97529-97530

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