WordWorld Sheep's A Star DVD

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Join WordWorld's Sheep for some fun learning adventures. The WordWorld Sheep's A Star DVD features four exciting and educational episodes revolving around Sheep.
"Princess Sheep" - Sheep gets royally carried away playing princess. It is only after she hurts Bear's feelings that sheep learns that a true princess isn't selfish, but kind and generous instead.

"The Birds" - Sheep does her zany best to care for an egg she finds until the baby bird is born and reunited with its mother.

"W Drought" - On a hot summer day, all the water in WordWorld starts to dry up because the letter W is missing! Sheep leads the Wordfriends in the hunt to discover just who is causing the W drought.

"Chef Sheep": Sheep has to take over Pig's cooking show when Pig gets a pot stuck on his face. Will Sheep summon up the confidence she needs to save the day.

  • 4 Build-a-Word Songs
  • "Take the Stage" Music Video

  • Rating: Not Rated
  • Format: Standard
  • Run Time: 60 minutes
  • Not available for International Shipment.
    Note: DVD encoded for Region 1, playable in the U.S.A. and Canada only

Item #: WOR-1110-843501007389

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