Greenzys 12" Plush Yew Yew Panda Bear

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Yew Yew is the panda bear from the book “The Greenzys”.
Yew Yew's favorite green activity is growing bamboo, because it gives off lots of oxygen, prevents erosion; and the bamboo shoots are also very tasty! This adorable Greenzys Plush Yew Yew Panda Bear stands approximately 12” high and is made from incredibly soft soy fibers and is colored with non-toxic dyes. When you purchase Yew Yew, you and your child will have an opportunity to actively help preserve the environment. With every Greenzys purchase, a tree is planted in one of our nation’s forests by The Arbor Day Foundation. You can personalize a printable, digital certificate documenting the planting of your tree. Please visit www.Greenzys.com for more information on how to print your certificate.

Item #: GRN-1040-68622

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