Curious George Curious About Learning Book

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Curious kids will get learning fast with this Curious George educational kit jam-packed with everything four- to six-year-olds need to build their spelling, reading, and math skills.
Includes storybook, CD, workbooks, flash cards, stickers, poster, and more!
  • Paperback copy of Curious George Learns the Alphabet book
  • Audio recording of Curious George Learns the Alphabet on CD
  • Curious About Letters 32-page workbook
  • Curious About Numbers 32-page workbook
  • 12 math flash cards
  • Dozens of stickers
  • Alphabet poster (18" x 15")
  • Activity sheets and punch-out characters
  • Certificate of achievement
  • Envelope for loose items
  • Author: Rey, H. A.
  • Recommended reading level: Grade 2-3, Age 7-8

Item #: CUG-200-9780547582092

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