Scooby Doo Legend of the Phantosaur DVD

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Scooby and the gang explore a spa and come face to face with the local legend of the Phantosaur! Follow along in this Scooby Doo Legend of the Phantosaur DVD to see if Scooby and his friends can defeat the Phantosaur and reveal the secret treasure-filled caves.
In this fascinating Scooby Doo Legend of the Phantosaur DVD, Scooby and his friends battle a wicked Phantosaur! Shaggy (voiced by Matthew Lillard of the live-action Scooby-Doo theatrical movies) finds his inner hero with the help of new-age hypnosis and throws the Phantosaur for a loop. Kids will enjoy the colorful suspects which include a free-wheeling motorcycle gang, greedy corporate investors, and over-zealous scientists. As Scooby Doo and his pals unravel deep mysteries, the secret caves are unearthed in this fabulous adventure.
  • Run time: 75 minutes
  • Release date: 9/6/2011
  • Not available for International Shipment.
    Note: DVD encoded for Region 1, playable in the U.S.A. and Canada only

Item #: SCO-1110-883929137015

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