Rainbow Magic Phoebe the Fashion Fairy #6 Book

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Step into an enchanted world where dreams come true in this excellent Rainbow Magic Phoebe the Fashion Fairy Book.
A big bash for King Oberon and Queen Titania is underway in Fairyland. The Party Fairies keep everything running smoothly, until Jack Frost's goblins steal their magic party bags. Now parties everywhere aren't festive - they're a flop! Kirsty's friend Charlotte is having a birthday party. But everyone's pretty party outfits are ruined! Phoebe the Fashion Fairy has to track down her magic bag fast. Your little one can find the magic party bag in each book and save celebrations everywhere!
  • Paperback
  • Ages: 9-12 years
  • 80 pages

Item #: RAI-200-9780545221733

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