Rainbow Magic Night Fairies: Ava the Sunset Fairy (Book 1)

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In this Ava the Sunset Fairy Book, Jack Frost's goblins take off with the night fairies' bags of enchanted dust. Join Kirsty and Rachel as they recover the magic of nighttime.
Fairyland has become dark and void of all magic! The Night Fairies go on a mission to save the nighttime magic when they find that Jack Frost and his goblins have taken their bags of magic dust. Rachel and Kirsty are spending some time at Camp Stargaze when they notice that the sunset is green. They join up with Ava the Sunset Fairy to redeem what the evil goblins have spoiled. Kids can find the missing bag of magic dust in each book to bring back the enchantment in this Rainbow Magic Ava the Sunset Fairy book.
  • Paperback
  • Reading level: Ages 7-8 years
  • 62 pages
  • Published: 7/1/11
  • Author: Daisy Meadows

Item #: RAI-200-9780545270441

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