Angelina Ballerina Dancing on Ice DVD

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Get ready for a show-stopping performance at Camembert Academy! Your most cherished ballerina dazzles the audience in this Angelina Ballerina Dancing on Ice DVD.
In this Angelina Ballerina Dancing on Ice DVD, Angelina, Alice, and other friends learn the importance of hard work and preparation. The problem arises when the dancing mouse loses her skates! Will she find them before her skating solo, and will AZ perfect the "Cheese Roll"? Children can follow along to find out as they learn the magic of teamwork in this spectacular DVD.
  • Run time: 61 Minutes
  • Category: Children; Family
  • Release date: 10/11/11
  • Not available for international shipment
    Note: DVD encoded for Region 1, playable in the U.S. and Canada only

Item #: ANG-1110-884487110830

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