Bob the Builder Dizzy the Cement Mixer's Favorite Adventures DVD

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Dizzy the Cement Mixer's 4 favorite adventures on 1 great DVD!

Scarecrow Dizzy Bob's crew is running in circles building a shed for Farmer Pickles and whitewashing his farmhouse. Dizzy the Cement Mixer is busy keeping the farm animals off the wet cement and mixing paint. But shouldn't the farmhouse be white instead of pink?

Bob the Photographer Bob plans to enter a photography contest until he loses his camera. Unknown to him, Spud has been taking pictures with the missing camera. But guess who wins first and second prizes when the photos turn up at the competition.

Dizzy's Statues Dizzy and Muck learn new skills when they help Bob and Mrs. Potts by erecting statues in her garden and putting bollards around Town Hall. When the statues and bollards get mixed up, can Bob sort things out?

Dizzy Goes Camping Dizzy is thrilled about camping out at Farmer Pickles' new campsite, as Muck and Spud join her singing around the campfire. But when they accidentally leave the sheep gate open, the camping trip turns into a sheep round-up instead.

  • Run Time: 35 minutes

Item #: BOB-1110-H100629

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