Ben 10 Alien Force: The Complete Guide Book

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A Ben 10 Alien Force Complete guide book describes the Ben 10 aAlien Force characters, their abilities, their most important moments, and their adversaries and their abilities.
When his grandpa Max goes missing, fifteen -year old Ben Tennyson finds himself back in the hero business. Strapping on his Omnitrix, which allows him to change into different aliens, Ben teams up with his friends Gwen and Kevin, and together, the three of them set out to locate Max. Along the way, they find new half-alien allies and a new foe: the Highbreed and their DNAlien servants, who are joined by the alien arms dealers known as the Forever Knights.
  • Author: West, Tracey
  • 96 pages; PaperbackRecommended reading level: Grade 4-6, Age 9-11

Item #: BEN-200-9780545160490

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