Bob the Builder Build It and They Will Come DVD


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Follow Bob the Builder as he works hard with the Can Do Crew in this Build It and They Will Come DVD.

In Bob the Builder's Build It and They Will Come DVD Video, Bob's big plan is taking shape and there is lots of new building to be done! The crew is hard at work on all the new jobs. They need a well to bring water to the yard, a road to the new workshop, homes for the can-do crew and someone to run the old yard. But with all the work to be done, the team has gotten into some mix-ups and not everyone is where they should be. Will Bob and his crew nail down all the details and get their jobs done right? Can they turn the new site from construction zone to new home? Find out as they build a whole new community... one job at a time!

  • Run Time: 85 minutes
  • Note: DVD encoded for Region 1, not playable outside the U.S. and Canada

Item #: BOB-1110-LYN100059DVD-inhouse

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